Friday, February 26, 2010

Latest Cafe World Food Links Free Unlimted Food

Earlier I have provided to you some great links for unlimited food. Click here to visit it.
Also here is the link, to get all rare expensive items on cafe world for free, though some report issues on working of this, but it works.
Alternatively try this 100% working links to get unlimited free food on cafe world ::

Take this link below
and replace after "gid=" the number of the item you want
in the link already given below this number is 456...
if you go to your address bar and change 1073 to 461 and press ENTER you will get a STRAWBERRY SHAKE...
notice you can only receive 60 items per day...GLITCH FREE!

456 Cappuccino
457 Shirley Temple
458 Lemonade
459 Soda Pop
460 Chai
461 Strawberry Shake
462 Espresso
463 Thai Iced Tea
464 Root Beer Float
465 Hot Chocolate
466 Arnold Palmer
467 Mango Lassi
468 Orange Juice
469 Bubble Tea
470 Strawberry Smoothie
471 Iced Tea
472 Grape Juice
473 Taihitian Punch
474 Chocolate Sundae
475 Frozen Lime
542 Fortune Cookie
557 Chocolate Chunk Cookie
559 Sweet Sugar Cookies
560 Spicy Kimchi
561 Calamata Olives
594 Bacon Cheeseburger
595 Homestyle Pot Roast
596 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
597 Spaghetti and Meatballs
598 Tony's Classic Pizza
599 Voodoo Chicken Salad
600 King Crab Bisque
601 Kung Pao Stir Fry
602 Fiery Fish Tacos
603 Overstuffed Peppers
604 Impossible Quiche
638 Lucky Fortune Cookie
639 Super Oatmeal Cookies
640 Buttermilk Biscuits
641 Sourdough Bread and Butter
663 Triple Berry Cheesecake
664 French Onion Soup
665 Spitfire Roasted Chicken
666 Tikka Masala Kabobs
667 Chicken Gyro and Fries
668 Powdered French Toast
669 Vampire Staked Steak
670 Chips and Guacamole
671 Pumpkin Pie
672 Caramel Apples
673 Crackling Peking Duck
674 Herbed Halibut
675 Grand Tandoori Chicken
687 Atomic Buffalo Wings
688 Buttermilk Pancakes
689 Shu Mai Dumplings
690 Savory Stuffed Turkey
727 Lavish Lamb Curry
728 Tostada de Carne Asada
729 Delicious Chocolate Cake
730 Chicken Pot Pie
731 Macaroni & Cheese
732 Jammin' Jelly Donuts
758 Lump of Coal
759 Gingerbread Man
779 Sweet Seasonal Ham
791 Gingerbread house
792 Smoked Salmon Latkes
811 Lemon Butter Lobster
812 Creme Fraiche Caviar
813 Dungeoness Crab
814 V.I.P. Dinner
842 Martian Brain Bake
843 Stardust Stew
871 Eyesee Donut
872 Alien Sushi
873 Green Goo Fizzy Pop
913 Jalapeno Poppers
914 Peanuts
915 Bowl of Salsa
923 Fish n Chips
924 HotDog n Garlic Fries
957 Ginger Plum Pork Chops
958 Bacon and Eggs
1034 Chinese Candy Box
1035 White Radish Cake
1036 Chinese Candy Stick
1049 Strawberry Pancakes
1050 Red Velvet Cake
1051 Key Lime Pie
1052 Blueberry Cheesecake
1053 Veggie Burger
1054 Pesto Pizza
1091 Veggie Lasagna
1092 Sour Grape Cake
1093 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
1094 Heart Cookies
1095 Grandma's Lost Apple Pie
1218 Dino Drumstick
1219 Rackasaurus Ribs
1220 Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
1221 Bruschetta
1222 Caesar Salad
1223 Fudge Brownies
1224 Lemon Meringue
1225 Fruit Skewer
1226 Fettucini Alfredo
1227 Giant Dino Egg


  1. It doesn't work!!

  2. You can only do one, but try this: &time=1266675967&k=free_gift&p=gift_today&c=gift_sent&ref=free_gift_gift_today

  3. The above said links code for gifts from Amelia... You can also change the code to receive ur gift from ur friends.

    Just use the following code and do the modifications required.

    Link 1:***friendID***&p=my_neighbor_tab_free_gift&gid=**dishID**&channel=request&action=accept_gift&k=free_gift&ref=free_gift_neighbor_page

    Replace the ***friendID*** with your friend's id. You can get their id, from their profile page address.

    Eg. When you visit your friend's profile page you can see this link.***friendID***&ref=sgm

    just copy this id (number only) and paste it in the link 1.

    Tips: Make sure that you give different gid's each and everytime you use the link.

    For me, I could use each friend's id only twice. Probably u can try and check if it works for u more than twice.

    And this trick approximately works some 7 or 8 times and after that Amelia says that you have already accepeted the gift :(

    If you are lucky then you could get more gifts in this way. :)

    This is no cheat but its the way how Zynga has programmed the game and we are just utilizing these gaps in the game. Its their problem to fix it. :P

  4. why It doesn't work!!!!

  5. it doesn't work its crab

  6. This Works. Can Use All 13 Links Once Per 24 Hours. Can change The GID with any of the above GIDs, but can still only use it once per 24 hours (all 13 links can be used at one setting - then wait 24 hours and do it again)

    2600 Grandma's Lost Apple Pie
    (Worth 257400 Coins Total)














  7. oh and best to change the GID with this one:
    814 V.I.P. Dinner - Gives More Money

  8. Is there a way to change the gift ammount when sent an up to 10000 free servings

  9. Works fabulously. Please post UID of new dishes which were introduced after this was posted. eg stuffed mushrooms, chocolate cream pie, bbq chicken etc

  10. Stuffed Mushrooms: 1601
    Lox Bagel: 1868


    This is a generic code, just replace the food code and you are good to go... to make multiple links, change the last number of the time...

    1. this doesn't work.......................

    2. where it says "from=0" put in a friend's uid

    3. does the food go straight to your gift I'm very behind on my goals thanks

  12. post gid for egg benedict

  13. I need the number for the chocolate pecan pie please and ty

  14. Chocolate Cream Pie:1871

  15. i need the code for corn beef and cabbage...

  16. Does anyone have the codes for the Fire Cracking Feast, I just need them for the new years drum, new year lantern and new year firecrackers. Please and thank you

  17. How do you go about getting the gid anyway, would like to know if anyone knows

  18. hurray! works obviously..
    very helpful on catering order ;D

  19. for me it doesn't work

  20. i often got reply :---> "Uh oh! We're sorry but it seems that something went wrong in the kitchen!"
    when i did the above instruction.. could anyone help me and share some info bout it ?
    Thx in advance

  21. i need a code for cheesesteak please

  22. Cheesesteak = 1698

  23. they just changed the gifting system...doesn't work for me now =(

  24. I can't get food items to serve anymore, but if it is a task where you must ask for things...most will work. Not for catering jobs, but for goals!

  25. the gift system changed NOOO! it doesn't work anymore anyone know of any update please let me know

  26. Early access goals

    part 1 : cafe world early access I
    - serve dino drumstick 3 times
    - serve bacon and eggs 6 times
    - earn 300o00 coins
    The improved cook book will display 8 dish cards at a time, which will save you a bundle of clicks. Finish this goal chain to get early, premium access !

    part 2 : cafe world early access II
    - serve spaghetti and meatballs 5 times
    - get 6 onions
    - get 7 carton of eggs
    rewards : unlock pancit and lumpia
    The re-designed cook book will let you sort your dishes by name from A to Z !

    part 3 : cafe world early access III
    - serve pancit and lumpia 3 times
    - serve pumpkin pie 6 times
    - spice 5 neighbors
    The improved cook book makes it easy to view by cuisine. Looking from this dish from the Philippines ? With the new book, it will be a snap !

    part 4 : cafe world early access IV
    - get loco moco 8 times
    - get 8 cartons of eggs
    - get 10 olive oil
    rewards : unlock bountiful breakfast
    When you earn a golden ticket, you’ll receive more to share with friends ! they’ll get early access as well

    part 5 : cafe world early access V
    - serve bountiful breakfast 8 times
    - get 8 sacks of potatoes
    - earn 20000 coins
    The improved cook book lets you sort by the time it takes to cook a dish. Looking for something to cook fast ? you’re just a click away.

    part 6 : cafe world early access VI
    - cook belgian waffles 12 times
    - get 8 heads of lettuce
    - get 10 cucumbers
    Running a theme cafe ? The re-designed cook book also lets you filter by type of cuisine, wheter you’re in the mood for Irish, Italian or alien !

    part 7 : cafe world early access VII
    - serve caramel apples 5 times
    - get 3 baby carrots
    - get 3 olive oil
    Finding a dish is elementary in the improved cook book because you can sort the dish names from A to Z !

    Gid for
    Cartons of Eggs= 3295
    Sacks of Potatoes=3296
    Onions =3034
    Cucumbers =3287
    Heads of Lettuce =2929
    Olive Oil =3099
    Baby Carrot =3105
    Mushrooms =3101
    Tomatoes =3178
    Pancit and Lumpia = 3296
    Beautiful Breakfast = 3297
    Dino Drumstick= 1218
    Bacon and Eggs= 958
    Spaghetti and Meatballs= 597
    Pumpkin Pie= 671
    Loco Moco = 1267
    Belgian Waffles= 1170
    Caramel Apples= 672

  27. thank you!!!i't works from me

  28. is there any way to get the stuff for orders. I thougt someone posted how to do one time.

  29. where do I find the "gid" if it's not yet posted?? Where can I get this 4 magical numbers from??

  30. Taro Leaves 3349
    Ti Leaves 3350

  31. Taro Leaves 3349
    Ti Leaves 3350
    Salmon Fillets 3351
    Tomatoes 3352
    Coconut Milk 3353
    Corn Starch 3354
    Projector Bulbs 3355

  32. I tried replacing my friend's ID but what if they have created their own Ids. I dunno what you call it but Facebook has this new thing where you can create your own ID & can't change it later. Please let me know.

  33. None of the links work - I get a problem in the kitchen or the you can only accept from your friends???

  34. "A problem in the kitchen" does NOT always mean it didn't work. Check your cafe to be sure!

  35. Hello. Please tell me a good link to use to collect the food items i need for my catering order..thanks.

  36. What happened to the latest codes???


  38. On "" are prepared links where you only need to paste in a friends UID (you can use the same if you need say ... 15 items?). The link will generate a new timestamp each time you click on one of the links ;)

    if you want to do that by yourself, click on one of the provided links and change the timestamp on

    and... in that posting are updated gift-id's

    have fun :)

  39. btw... all the Gift-ID's are in the cafeworld-wiki at

    greez, Elle

  40. it doesnt work for me.. how to fix it.. after i press enter it come out
    "Uh oh! We're sorry but it seems that something went wrong in the kitchen!" pls someone help me

  41. can you make a "Baklava" code
    at least 100 serving

  42. Hi, I been visiting your blog since a few months ago. Nice food you have been having. I have a food blog too. Come visit! ;) food solutions

  43. ok i have tried changing the id number into a friends and the gift code but still getting oh oh something wrong

  44. this doesnt work no more whole page needs a upgrading

  45. go to for more GID and google cafe world wiki gid for just a list

  46. it doesnt work 4 me either.... why3...

  47. It works but could you tell me how to send more than 1 serving? Do I have to change something to change the total number sent?


  49. I need Black Forest Cake

  50. I'm trying this but does it go directly to the git box or u have to clear zmc to collect them?

  51. how do u send to friends?

  52. Does anyone have a link for food that actually works??? I have been selling my stuff to DAle and just changing the gid when I accept it to get what I want that way. I have tried the links above but none of them work.

    1. what?? i need to learn this trick.

  53. how do u chnage gid number then accept that is interesting

  54. gid/all will give you all the current gid #'s

  55. Here you can find all GID's ever:

  56. You may have already accepted this request via the Zynga Message Center.

    i have have not!

  57. food does not work but for parts it will."ENTERFRIENDID"&gid="ENTERITEMID"&time=1331395341

    for st.pattys goals go to

  58. UGH .. I knew this was too good to be true .. doesn't work!!!

  59. Does it tell you that you got the food or do you just get the something went wrong message?

  60. hey guys do need help with the food I'm falling behind .. their goals became impossible lots of endless cooking can u please help me get some free food specially steak dinner, chicken and shrimp kabobs, and chicken Abodo
    here is a link of a dish shared that might help u in generating a way that we can use to collect more food

  61. Is this still alive ? I really need food links.

  62. can i get some code for reuben sandwich pl
    need lots of them

  63. it's say UNLIMITED but really its not rofl. What a joke.

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